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Dr. Saleem

Anthem (any ID# that doesn't start with a Y or an R we need to call on)
*Cigna (not Cigna through DuPont)
*Highmark BCBS (Not through Dupont)
Medicare Part B
United Healthcare (UBH or Optum)
Virginia Department of Veteran Affairs

Kimberly Williams, LPC, NCC / Dave Dilzer, LCSW

Anthem (Dave FFS and Plus, Kim Plus)
*Highmark BCBS (not through Dupont)
*Cigna (not Cigna through DuPont)
Medicare (Dave ONLY)
United Behavioral Health

Connie Macaluso, LCSW, NCC

*Cigna (not Cigna through DuPont)


Anthem ( Plus)

Out Sourced Behavioral Health Plans

Value Options (Dr. Saleem only)
United Behavioral Health (Dr. Saleem only)
*Cigna Behavioral Health (not Cigna through DuPont)
**Anthem EAP (therapist only, pt should have auth#)
**Cigna EAP (therapist only, pt should have auth#)

* Dupont outsources their behavioral health portion of the insurance to a Company we are not providers of
** All Individuals using EAP Benefits are required to get an Authorization number before their scheduled appointment
*** Tricare allows a certain number of visits ( pending on type of product), but an authorization is required

Updated 01/12/16